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FAST search and disk consumption


FAST search and disk consumption

We currently have our Index Server (FAST) on a filer with all of our
other PDMLink applications and vault data. A recent scan shows that
FAST plus the indexes is at 15GB. The filer is also setup for hourly,
nightly and weekly snapshots (backups). Recently, we were running a
rename job against some massive library data, thousands of cad documents
and WTParts. While these were running the Index Queue filled up and
over the next few hours, fed data to the FAST for reindexing. The next
day we noticed 30GB of data was consumed in backups. What I assume
happen is that FAST was modifying very large files rapidly and these
were getting caught up in backups since they were new or changed. Some
temporary files must be created and deleted since the area remains at
15GB. I had observed during a quite time after I shutdown the Index
queue that FAST, which I believe was reindexing at the time, was eating
2-4MB per sec. The memory would come back so it appears like it is
indeed scratch operations

So, my thinking is that I need to location some or all of the FAST
directory to a different volume under a different backup policy. Has
anyone else observed or had experience with this? Is there a folder
under the FAST installation point that I can target to be efficient. I
would like to have all PDMLink apps backed up together. Separating them
could make them out of sync. Where is the scratch or temp folder for