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Force Attributes Down into Pro/E

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Force Attributes Down into Pro/E


I apologize if I have asked this recently.... Or it just came around...

Is there any method to force Workgroup Manager CAD Dcoument Template Attributes to populate a Pro/E Model.
(As Intralink Would Have...)

1. Make a Part Using the PTC Default Template.
2. Undesignate Description and Modeled By
3. Save.
4. Upload and Check In.
5. Check Tools/Parameters... What we see are all the System Attributes have been down loaded but NOT the User Attributes (With their Default Values)

Would like Wildfire 4.0 to Receive all Attributes defined on the Template in the Attribute/Type Manager Page... with the Default Values.

Brian Sullivan

Force Attributes Down into Pro/E

PTC Tech Support pointed me to this functionality to Force Parameters to populate Pro/E Models in the Using Pro/E Wildfire with Windchill PDF pp 5-26 -5-27

The benefit would be all the parameters with Default Values for Models not made using Company Start Parts
that need to be added to PDMLink. Vendor Models, Legacy Models, etc... will have the Parameters.

Q: Has Anyone Implemented?

Other suggestion has been ModelCheck... as well as Mapkey.


Customizing the Parameters in the Download Service

Windchill provides a server-side delegate that can be used to insert parameters

into a Pro/ENGINEER model upon download. This mechanism can be used to

pass information from the server down to Pro/ENGINEER, where it can be used

like any other Pro/ENGINEER parameter.

The customized parameters are provided to the client upon download and,

unlike system parameters such as PTC_WM_ITERATION, are not updated in the

Pro/ENGINEER session or the local cache after a Windchill operation (for

example, check in).

The Windchill service delegate mechanism is used to allow the customization.

The following steps explain the customization process:

1. Create a Java class that implements the interface ModeledAttributesDelegate.

The interface definition is as follows:

package com.ptc.windchill.uwgm.proesrv.c11n;

import java.util.Collection;

import java.util.HashMap;

import wt.util.WTException;

public interface ModeledAttributesDelegate



Implement this API to return list of parameters added by

customization along with it's type (customization profile of the

server). For example "WT_CADDOC_NUMBER" custom parameter will

be of type "String.class" (the java class)


// getAvailableAttributes() returns

// HashMap<string, object="> which contains

// HashMap<attribute name,=" attribute=" type=">

HashMap getAvailableAttributes();


This is the API, invoked by the download service on download, to

be implemented for the customization. Create and return a

HashMap where key is input object and value is HashMap of

parameter name - value pairs that must be propagated to Pro/E

part represented by the EPMDocument (input object). Use the

getCADName() API on the EPMDocument to identify the Pro/E part


// getModeledAttributes(Collection docs) returns

// HashMap<input object,=" hashmap<attribute=" name,=" attribute<br="/>

HashMap getModeledAttributes(Collection docs) throws



2. Edit site.xconf file (found in <windchill>) to add following property to

indicate availability of customization service on the server:

<service context="default"&lt;br"/>

gate" targetFile="codebase/">

<option cardinality="singleton"&lt;br"/>




Then use the xconfmanager tool to apply the changes to file

(run xconfmanager -p)

Use the path of your class in place of value of serviceClass (that is, replace


with the path to your class).

3. Restart the method server.