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Hide Parts of the "create part form"


Hide Parts of the "create part form"

It is hard for me to put in words what i mean, but I have attached a picture with what i want to hide.

Kyle Tabor

Windchill 9.1 M020


You can hide it, but it's not easy to explain. The Object initialization
rules can make all of these have default values so the code creating the
object is at least supplied a default value. Once you have configured that,
it might be possible to edit the JSP JCA code to hide those rows of the form
without the system complaining that it cannot find a value. I have not tried
it. At a minimum, there are two steps to get it to work.

It sounds like you are new to using/configuring Windchill?

If so, you have some reading to do to learn about these two steps in the
Business Admin Guide and Customizer's Guide - or hire a consultant. I am
sure others on here might have time to help you with this, but it would be
good for you to understand what is going on so we can more easily coach you
thru the steps.

Hope this helps,



Best by far also to try (a lot) to work with the system as supplied and then decide what to configure / customize. This is not saying that the system is "right" as supplied, but the effects of changing things take quite a lot of effort to really think thru and understand.

David has a very good point about reading the Customizes Guide. It will be key in any type of customization such as this.

There are a few ways you could hide the attributes you have circled.

You can comment out the JSP (Attributes, details) in the \codebase\netmarkers\jsp\(name of what your looking for)

This will only work because the values of the ones you are trying to hide are prefilled, this will not work on something that a user needs to fill in.

You can use xconf to allow the OIR to control them and hide on create but this will not solve for edit or details page

It really depends on your situation.

If you edit your JSP you need to make a safe area and a customization stage which is all covered in the customization guide.