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How to change Windchill logo


How to change Windchill logo

How to change Windchill logo


It's not clear to me exactly what you want to do, but here's a couple ideas:

  1. Replace codebase/netmarkets/images/logoWC.png
  2. Edit codebase/index.html and replace img tag src attribute OR replace codebase/wtcore/images/bblks/l_ptc_splash.gif or codebase/wtcore/images/bblks/l_ptc_splash.png

If that doesn't help:

  • What version of Windchill are you on
  • What exactly do you want to change or replace (screenshot might help if you're unsure how to explain).


I want to change the default PTC Windchill logo from the Windchill page.

I tried replacing image from by thru codebase/netmarkets/images/logoWC.png but no luck.


Try clearing your Tomcat cache maybe? Restart Method Server?  Or maybe a hard refresh (Guessing CTRL+F5) in your browser?

If that fails (I'm not sitting in front of a WC instance to check), but maybe open up the DOM inspector in your browser and find out what image that element points to.

I tried all that bit not working.

Is there any specific image dimension size I have maintain. I believe my image size is too large to fit into.

If you can provide about the image size.

No clue.  Try right clicking the original file and duplicate using its dimensions

Also look here:



- OR -

From Document CS24738‌ , which mentions WC 10.0 HC Customizing UI Branding,


1. Create <WT_HOME>/codebase/ext directory :

  • Place the logo file logo.png in this directory
  • Create custom.css in this directory with the following content:

#logoNav.wncApplLogo { background-image: url(logo.png); }

#logoNav.pjlApplLogo{ background-image: url(logo.png); }

#logoNav.pdmlApplLogo{ background-image: url(logo.png); }

​Note :  the image url path is relative to the custom.css location.

2. Register the custom.css :

  • Add to site.xconf :
<Property name="netmarkets.presentation.cssFiles" overridable="true" targetFile="codebase/" value="ext/custom.css"/>
  • Deploy with xconfmanager -p
  • Restart Windchill