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How to get Parts from Drawings


How to get Parts from Drawings



I would want to get all the parts from a Drawing EPMDocument from code. Between the part and the drawing there is only a calculated link. But I need all parts (calculated,content...) which are related to the EPMDocument in any way. Is there a helper class that gives me back these links? If not, what are the APIs that I can use to get the 3D models linked to the Drawing, so that I can get the Parts from those?


What I used is: GenericUtilities.getAssociated(document);

This won't give me back the calculated links.


Thanks in advance,



Hello @TamasBiro,

May be you can give it a try:


CadCollectedResult ccr = CadCollector.newInstance(seeds, navCriteria).dependents(GatherDependents.ALL).collect();



Hi Tamás,


I've done this in the past by constructing a QuerySpec to search for EPMBuildRule objects. In this example the variable 


is an EPMDocument (in this case a CAD Drawing). The EPMBuildRule has a method called 


This returns an integer that describes the type of link you are navigating (see the code comments for more info). In my example this will return a WTPart if there is a Contributing Content Link between the given EPMDocument and the WTPart.


QuerySpec qs1 = new QuerySpec(EPMBuildRule.class);
Long objectId = drw.getBranchIdentifier();
qs1.appendWhere(new SearchCondition(EPMBuildRule.class, "roleAObjectRef.key.branchId", SearchCondition.EQUAL, objectId),INDEX);
QueryResult buildRules = PersistenceHelper.manager.find((StatementSpec) qs1);

// Search the CAD Drawing for Contributing Content links and return the linked // WTPart if its number matches the drawing number
while (buildRules.hasMoreElements()) {
    EPMBuildRule buildRule = (EPMBuildRule) buildRules.nextElement();
    * Determine the type of link between the CAD Model and the WTPart
    * 7: Owner link
    * 4: Image link
    * 6: Contributing Image link
    * 2: Contributing Content link
    int buildType = buildRule.getBuildType();
    if (buildType == 2) {
        part = (WTPart) buildRule.getBuildTarget();