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Ilink 3.2 upgrade to M011


Ilink 3.2 upgrade to M011

Dear Datamgt folks,

We were planning to upgrade from 3.2 to M011. First question, has any one
out there gone through this upgrade if so?? Are there any major issues
please advice. If you are on Intralink 3.4 other then M011 and you know it's
a SOLID build please respond.

We will also be upgrading ProE from 2001 possibly WF2 M120 or M130 we are
leaning more towards M130 I have heard there was a memory issue with M120
and it's resolved in M130.

If you have gone through the implementation of these two that works great
together, the latest builds of Intralink and ProE please advice.

Any suggestions out there would be great.

Thanks again in advance for your response and support,

Taher Taheri

Cad Administration



Check out the update advisor. This will show you all existing problems
and resolved issues with the
version and build you would like to know about. (You need to login)

Update Advisor
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The Update Advisor is intended to provide you with information that will
help you to determine what value there is in updating to a Release
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