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Ilink upgrade to 3.4


Ilink upgrade to 3.4

Happy new year to all.

I'm currently planining on upgrading from 3,3 to 3,4 in next week and
i have requested rel 3.4 from PTC to reveal the download from the site.
But now a lot of different files shows at ptc appearently for upgrading
orcale (R9IR2 ORACLE

Do i have to use all that stuff also??

I just expected to get the 3.4 CD put it in the server and then
smoothly running the upgrade (after creating dumpfiles etc.)

Best regards,

Hello to all

Several people has asked me for the status and how it did work.

I have gotten some good advice from Ian Cameron and Andrew Yap -
Thanks for that.

Due to the higher hardware demands for the server - min.rec. ram 1gb
exclusively for Ilink have made us postpone the update to 3,4 a bit our
server is not dedicated to Illink alone and i need some funding first

We will upgrade from Proe2001 to Wildfire2 as scheduled on wednesday next
week since 3,4 is not needed but only performs better.

The procedure apears to be quite straight forward as the "howto" from PTC
apears to be good (assuming it is correct) but somewhat time-consuming
because you have to reinstall / migrate etc.
I'm mostly worried about the status on our replication after the install
- hopefully this works. I going to be killed if i have to re-replicate
the commonspace.

Best regards,

------- Andrew Yap ----------
Before you can even upgrade your Ilink 3.3, you will need to
install/upgrade oracle to 9i plus the oracle 9i patches.
Read the hardware notes. There are also OS patches needed for unix OS
like solaris etc.

There are several CDs. One CD is called "Installation Asssitant" that I
used to help me get thru the installation.

-------- Ian Cameron
PTC has basically unbundled Oracle, ie no more one disk install... You
will have to migrate your DB because you are moving between Oracle
versions not just patching an existing install.

For database migration see: