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Intralink 3.4 Upgrade Issues?


Intralink 3.4 Upgrade Issues?

Hey there gurus, I am about to upgrade our Intralink 3.3 installation to
3.4 over the weekend and thought it best to check with those in the know
to see if there are any potential gotchas. I know we are way behind the
curve in doing this, but we need WF3 and this is the easiest way to get
there. The server is currently running Windows Server 2000, but will be
upgraded to 2003 before I get started. Currently we have 3.3 M022 and
will be going to 3.4 M050. I know that I have to upgrade Oracle and Java
first, and I know that I have to go to 3.4 M012 before I go to M050. I
plan on using the manual method as described in PTC's TPI-129567 after I
install M012 then upgrade to M050. Has anyone else tried this method? We
will also be upgrading from Wildfire 2.0 to 3.0 but this is pretty
straightforward as I will just do clean installs of this. Any
information anyone can provide would be great. Thanks in advance.

John H. Bettencourt II

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Danaher Precision Systems

200 Flanders Road

Westboro, MA 01581

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Intralink 3.4 Upgrade Issues?


Have you practiced the 3.4 install and upgrade to M050? I would very strongly recommend you do this before you attempt your production system. Try and find a spare workstation or if you have to, use your workstation. Even though an upgrade of an existing install will have a few different challenges from a clean install, at least you will gain experience with the primary issues. You should also do a metadata dump and import from the old installation to the test systems as you will need to do that for the production upgrade.

Also, though it’s probably not possible, if you can do the 3.4 install on a new/different server than your existing, you will have a recovery plan that will minimize risk and potential downtime (i.e. once you take down your old system and start installing the new one, if you have problems and can’t go forward…). Make sure you have a complete cold backup of the existing server before you do anything to it. I might even suggest you do a full recovery of the backup before moving forward.

A couple of things I do with a 3.4 install;

- Always install the tcl patch even if I’m not using xeon processors

- Always build database manually (don’t use the checkbox to automatically build it)

Dan Harlan

Business Development Manager, TriStar, Inc.

Intralink 3.4 Upgrade Issues?

A test install is always the best way but be very careful when you do if
you import the dump file from the production server because the test
dataserver will then be pointing to the production fileserver and
vaults. (There is a set of SQL instructions somewhere in the exploder
archives for relocating the FS that works very well)

PS you forgot Never use Microsoft Terminal Services Client (Oracle
throws a hissy fit if you do), use tight VNC or equivalent.


SUMMARY - Intralink 3.4 Upgrade Issues?

Hi all, thanks to everyone who replied with some great suggestions. The replies are below.