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Intralink 3.X - PDMLink 8.0 Datamigration


Intralink 3.X - PDMLink 8.0 Datamigration

Hello everybody.

Does some one have experience on multi Pro/Intralink to PDMLink 8.0 migration using Replication on different Local Cache Vault.

I would like to know what is the best practice on that subject to start replication just after the migration has finished but on a WAN with a lot of data?

Thanks in advance.

Pierre-Jacques RAYNAUD



Intralink migration

I am looking to see if a migration is worth it. Assume that you have
the worst Intralink environment possible. Do I trudge through the
migrator or do I just export what is good and check it into PDMLink?
All I can assume is that the latest "revision" is what is needed. I
need to get a sense of the total number of top level assemblies that
exist in the system. These would be asm files that do not report to
anything else. The assumption is with these, I can drag all other out of
Intralink and into PDMLink. Drawings would be a second pass. I cannot
see a way in Pro/Locate how to construct this query type. What does
"Level" mean? I am sure this could be done via SQL. Anyone know the
Intralink schema? If I can find all *.asm objects at the latest
revision/version that do not have a dependency where they are usedBy
another item, then I could answer my question.

Thanks in advance to all replies.

Intralink migration

Hi Antonio,

This very much what we have done for one of our sites. Two more to come.

Basically I have exported the production intralink into a clone intralink system. Then we purge by keeping only the last revision on all selected iterations. Then we clear all documents. Take a backup.

Once you have the intralink purged, easy to use a sql search in order to get the files from the intralink vault. Precopy these into the new PDMLink system in order to use the precopy option on the migrator.

Don't forget to check the Common Name as well...there is something you can get from PTC TS.

Overall it is much easier and better to work on the Intralink system before doing any migration work.
It works fine with Migrator 9.0 M040 for us.


set pages 0 ;
set verif off
set recsep off
set termout off
set head off
set feedback off

spool vault_files_report.txt
select 'There are '||count(FMAPNAME)||' files in SYSPOOL, total size of', CEIL(sum(FSIZE)/1024/1024)||' MB' from PDM.PDM_FILE WHERE (POOLID=1) ;
spool off

spool syspool_filenames.txt
spool off

SQL 2: Non proe documents

set head off;

spool nonproe_docs.txt ;

Where (P0.PITYPEID = P2.PITYPEID and P2.PITNAME in ('Desktop_Design', 'Document', 'SGIImage', 'Desktop_Album', 'CDRSAnim', 'Desktop_Drawing', 'Manual', 'EPS', 'CDRS', 'PNG', 'TGAImage', 'ECO', 'GIF', 'Image', 'Environment', 'Inventor', 'RTAImage', 'RLBImage', 'MS Excel', 'Text', 'CDRSRenderedImg', 'HTML', 'TiffImage', 'NCCheckImage', 'JPEG', 'RAWImage', 'Bmp', 'ShadedView', 'Picture', 'RTBImage', 'RLAImage', 'XML', 'Designer Environment', 'Mechanica_Part', 'Wiring_Strip_Length_Table', 'AssemMembInfo', 'External Simplified Rep', 'Mipmap', 'Mechanica_Assembly', 'Room', 'Linestyle', 'Neutral', 'SET', 'DWG', 'ColorMap', 'TolTable', 'Mfg_Assem', 'SLA', 'Fem_Neutral', 'Animation Playback File', 'Layout', 'Graph Tabular File', 'RouteSheet', 'Diagram', 'Markup', 'Symbol_Parameters', 'Insulation', 'OperationParameter', 'EDM', 'Input', 'RS_Base_Design', 'Mechanism Frame File', 'ConnectorParams', 'SceneDescr', 'VRML', 'FEM', 'ColorTexture', 'CGM', 'SpoolParams',
'SUPERTAB', 'Diagram_Multi-view_Components', 'MillGrvParams', 'PatternTable', 'Xhatch_Style', 'MassProp', 'Mechanica_Table', 'Light', 'Group', 'BumpMapTexture', 'Interch_Domain', 'CableParams', 'WireEDMParams', 'Render', 'MachDB', 'VerificationResults', 'Symbol', 'Draft', 'Material', 'STEP', 'Config', 'TapeFile', 'Desktop_ATB', 'CurveData', 'Connector_Terminator_Table', 'BendOrder', 'Graph_Report', 'Machine', 'RSDesign', 'PatranFile', 'Appearance', 'RoomFile', 'HolemakParams', 'PatranOut', 'Piping_Line_Stock', 'Plot', 'Site', 'Designer Light', 'Diagram_Component_Group', 'IGES', 'DecalTexture', 'AnsysOut', 'MillParams', 'Mechanism Playback File', 'Snapshot', 'CLData', 'DXF', 'RS_Single_Sheet', 'SplinePoints') and P0.PIID = B3.PIID and B3.BRPATH = 'main' and P0.FOLID = F4.FOLID and F4.RSID = R5.RSID);

spool off;

Intralink migration

Thanks for the info all. Migration is 3.4 to PDMLink 8. We have a clone
and probably will pursue the purge option suggested. This particular
instance has a very bad filebased revision series. For years, the users
did not use the revision field, but rather a revision attribute that
they could change willy-nilly. That has been cleared and the latest copy
has been set to the correct revision letter. While data was under
MilSpec revision series, an early stab at filebased revisioning series
saw the system setup with configuration numbers at the beginning of the
series. So the series goes 001-099, then some few dozen other
configuration series, and after all that, --, -, A, B, C, etc.
From what I have read, the migrator will match the position of
revisions, not the letter. As a result, A in Intralink would match
triple Z (ZZZ) or something like that in PDMLink. Let's say that I
purge all but the latest versions from the system. Can I:
- Reset all items with crap revisions to dash (the first in my PDMLink
- Change the filebased revision series in the clone to match PDMlink

Intralink migration

Hello Antonio.

Do not forget that you can set File-Based Version Series Values to "Legacy" in PDMLink.

So Add 001-099,few dozen configurations,-- etc.. to your PDMLink Sequence if you wish. Your CAD Documents will migrate to the matching Revision in PDMLink.

However by placing the Legacy entry into the File-based Sequence; Any NEW objects will start at the first Revision that does not have the legacy attribute, in your case "-".

Try it out; You can decide if you wish to Revise objects to "dash" in Intralink Manually, via a script in Oracle in Intralink or Bring them as is to PDMlink.

Brian Sullivan

RE: Intralink migration


I-Cubed is working on a software solution to guide a user through the Pro/INTRALINK 3.x migration to Windchill. The software functions a little different than the PTC Migrator tool so depending on your migration characteristics it may suit your migration better.

The software solution is called the Legend Pro/INTRALINK Bridge. It is a wizard based UI that walks you through the process of migration in about 8 steps. It provides Pro/I data analysis reports, exports latest only content and metadata from the Pro/I system, provides attribute mapping, data cleanliness reports, and bulk loading capabilities.

We are currently looking for beta customers. If you would be interested in learning more please give me a call at 919.755.5307 or send me an email at

- Michael (

Intralink Data Migration


I am migrating (rehearsal) a database that has 1500+ files greater than32 Characters in Length. I am not particularly in the mode to rename them all manually to 28 characters (plus four digit extension .prt for example) so that I can migrate the database into the existing PDMLink. (Number set to Match PI Name)

I am aware of TPI 134110 which requires installing Information Modeler, to increase Number from 32 characters to a higher number such as 64 characters.

Wanted to know if there is an easier solution, typically I just rename files but this is a large amount.

I have heard rumor of a Mass Rename Utility for Intralink 3.X... or wondering if I can use Rename function of the Data Migrator.

Brian Sullivan

RE: Intralink Data Migration

Why does any Windchill application have such restrictive limits on file name length?
Even in Intralink 3.x I never understood the 32-char limit.
I too will be practicing migration soon, and was not aware of the 28-char limit, which will definitely be a problem.
If someone has a way to increase this limit, please post back to the exploder.