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Intralink Backups


Intralink Backups

Data management people.

How is everyone backing up Intralink? I just got done loading a new install
of Intralink 3.4 M011. In the past I ran backups of the executables, I
wrote all kinds of rsports, ran the dumpfile and backed up the vaults.

Going forward I was planning on just running a dump file and backing up the
vaults. If I need to restore I would just reload the app from CD, then
import the dump file and vaults from tape or whatever.

Is there a major problem with this approach? Comments/Suggestions

I will post a summary.


Michael Gallagher


Re: Intralink Backups


That is the method that we use for Intralink 3.3 M021. We
export a dump file each Sunday evening with no users on the
system and backup that and the vaults to tape. In addition,
we have an Altiris image of the production server with
Intralink 3.3 M021 installed with tablespaces sized for our
data sets. This image will allow us to quickly rebuild the
production server on a different machine in case of a

We do a restore to a test server once per quarter, fix up the
dataserver and fileserver references to point to the test server
hostname, and then have certain key users run a formal checklist
to verify that the restoration is valid.

Of course PTC has a Knowledge Base article on "Suggested
Technique for Backup and Recovery of the Database and
Filevaults" at:

Hope this helps...

Tom Cox
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