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Intralink Object Attribute type "date"


Intralink Object Attribute type "date"

Hi all,

We are using Intralink 3.3 & Wildfire 2.

The problem we have is to do with the interaction between Intralink Object
attributes and Pro/E parameters.

In Intralink we have 2 Object Attributes which are type "date" (as opposed
to String/Integer etc.)

In Pro/e 2001 everything was fine. Unfortunately in Wildfire 2, Pro/e does
not allow parameters with type "date".

This means this parameter cannot be changed within Pro/engineer - on saving
we get an error saying:

"Unable to save from Pro/engineer. Parameter with DATE type is not allowed"

The only way to enter a value for this parameter is through the
Workspace. This is proving troublesome - users are either forgetting or

Does anybody know a way to solve this problem? Surely other companies used
the "Date" attribute ? If so, what do you do?

Deleting the attribute from Intralink is not an option, this makes all
existing object values revert to the default value - 11/11/11, this is
obviously not acceptable.

Is there a way using SQL I can change the attribute type to "String" ? Or
is there a way to delete the attribute without losing existing values ?

Any advise greatly appreciated!

Jamie Leonard