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Intralink Windows client with Unix Server


Intralink Windows client with Unix Server

Intralink Question:

We are setup with a Solaris Unix server running the Oracle/Intralink
database, file server and license server. The Intralink client is running
on a Sun workstation (along with Pro/E). Is it possible to run an
Intralink client from a windows box and still get to the files, or in
other words have the same setup as I have on the unix box?

I have been able to get Pro/E running on my windows box by pinging the
FlexM license server (running on Unix) so this is a start. In order to
fully transition to a windows box I need Intralink running and getting to
the database and files.

What would need to be done? Would a Samba server have to be setup?

Does any one work in such a dual platform environment? Some designers on
windows and some on Unix?

The main issues is the Admins set up the client boxes to run everything
off a slow server: This includes Pro/E, Intralink, trail files,
everything. It makes our Sunblade 2000 boxes very, very slow. I noticed
a big difference running Pro/E locally on a PIII 800. Also, no wheel
mouse support by sun and lots of other quirky (GRAPHICS) issues with the
Unix boxes make them undesirable right now.


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