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Item collection Table View Default


Item collection Table View Default

Does anyone know if there is a way to set the default settings for
gathering data? I want to change it to dependents none, drawings
initially selected and parts initially selected.

I see that family is set to all and dependents to required and I see
this grayed out pull down menu called "view". So there must be a table
view that I can save and set to default. Or they were just taunting for
the next release, there are a few functions hidden on several pages that
do nothing, so maybe they forgot to hide this one. This is Windchill
PDMlink 8 M020.


Item collection Table View Default

Yes, this is huge. The default when using top down design and family
tables sometimes returns 4,000+ objects for us - after the user waits
forever for this, then they manipulate the collection down to one or a
few items.

Would be great to be able to set the default before each action.

Item collection Table View Default

It goes with the check-in listing problem. It always defaults to show
all dependents. But this window appears in many other situations like
rename, move, set state, etc. Each time, for the most part, one just
wants to act on that single selected part, its drawing and its WT part.
It seems that there is a file that can be changed we just need to find
it on the JSP. If you look at the java script on the page source, it is
set inside one of the javascript scripts, so it must be coming from a
template on the server that can be changed.


RE: Item collection Table View Default

There is a preference in 9.0 that allows you to set the default dependencies to "None", maybe it's time to upgrade ;>)

Re: Item collection Table View Default

In the later versions of Windchill you can go to 'Quick Links' > 'My Settings' > 'Preferences' to get to 'Preference Management'. Then expand 'Integral Operations' preference group, expand 'Move Collector' preference group, then right click to change preference to 'Include dependent CAD / Dynamic Documents', which will "Allow user to specify which dependent CAD / Dynamic Documents for the collected CAD / Dynamic Documents will be by default added to the collection." and will change the default collection method, which I find very useful when moving top-level assembly drawings that have a lot of dependent parts. FYI