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Levels in Intralink BOM report


Levels in Intralink BOM report

We are in the middle of a project to roll out a new PLM system (Matrix
One) and are trying to find a "good" way to get the BOM from Intralink
to Matrix. Matrix has a BOM import utility which will let us import an
indented BOM if the first column is the level in numeric form.
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to directly output this
from Intralink. The BOM structure report is exactly what we want, but
has a graphical representation of the indention level instead of a
numerical value. You can open the BOM structure report output in
another program (excel, etc) and come up with a scheme to replace the
graphics with the correct level number, but we were hoping for some way
to take the data directly from Intralink. Any ideas?

I'm sure others have run into this problem (I remember a lot of
discussion about this 3-4 years ago but couldn't find anything in the
exploder archives) so I'm hoping someone has an elegant, no-cost
solution to this problem.

We're running Intralink 3.4 F001 with plans to update to 3.4 M030 before
we roll out Matrix One.

Abby Dawkins
MCAD Support