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Managing ECNs with Intralink


Managing ECNs with Intralink

Were considering using Intralink to manage our ECN process.

Experimenting with Release Procedures we're able to get them working along with RTP notices by email.

Obviously for non Intralink users we may need an extra seat or two
for the approval process, but this shouldnt be too much of a problem since we already have one extra seat.

If we do the ECO form in Proe itself we can print the Proi_Release
level on the form, as we currently do this with our Eng drawings. Otherwise we could do the ECN form in pdf or word/excel and store it in Intralink, but then the question is how to get some type of status or signature on the form. Also in using a format other than
Proe, how do you allow someone to "sign" the form but yet not be able to change it ?

If anyone out there has used Intralink for this purpose, I'd be interested in how it was done. Maybe we're just asking too much from Intralink and would be better off with a specific ECN software package ?

Appreciate any ideas or comments

RE: Managing ECNs with Intralink

Our "Engineering Order" form is in Excel (EO form)
It starts with a tab for Engineering Change Request (ECR) The ECR
process is pre-Intralink (Happens outside of Intralink)
Once the ECR is approved, and the ECR has been assigned to an Engineer
for processing, the EO is created in Intralink
A blank EO form is available on the network, the engineer takes a copy,
names it appropriately and brings the ECR data into the workbook.

This excel workbook can now be imported into Intralink
The work is completed, the information is entered onto the EO.

The EO workbook, and all affected files, drawings, parts, assemblies,
etc are gathered and processed via a Request To Promote (RTP) form

We have a two step approval process, one manager has to approve, then
our Engineering Change specialist completes the processing.

If the RTP is in order, and the manager has approved, the EC Spec
approves, then opens the excel workbook and inserts the approvers name
and date on the form. (In addition to the date she processed and
distributed the EO) This modified file is checked into commonspace, and
distributed via e-mail to the necessary parties.

So far, this has been the only way we have been able to get the
approvers information onto the approved EO.

An alternative is to have Pre-Production and Production release levels.
The engineer does the RTP to Pre-Production, the manager approves, then
modifies the form, gathers the files again and does another RTP to
Production which the EC Spec completes. (Not a popular concept among
our group, shot down immediately when presented as an option)

Michelle McMasters
Black & Decker Hardware & Home Improvement
Engineering Systems Administrator

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