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New Fileserver help


New Fileserver help

Back in October, I installed a new server to be the fileserver for our
legacy data that in not in Ilink, the license server for Pro/E, and the
Ilink server for all the newer programs that are in Ilink.

It is a practical copy of the previous server, just a much better box.
Everything in the exact same locations, same folder structure etc.

The only problem was I missed in the install was changing the name off the
fileserver use by Ilink. I was changing the server from XXXXX1 to XXXXX2
and in the install process for Ilink failed to notice. I did the "Move the
vaults manually" and everything seemed just fine. So a couple days later I
am looking at the vault folders and notice no new files have been checked in
since the switch and I know that is not right. So I poke around a little
and figure out, the Dataserver is the new machine and tithe fileserver is
tithe old machine. DOH! But that's cool, its built to do that and the
response times are very favorable compared to the old box so we decide tot
leave it. Well now the IT department needs the rack space so I gotta fix

I have searched thru the exploder to see if I could find any reference, but
I apparently don't remember enough about the syntax of the commands to
narrow the search down to the correct message from last time

I have done tithe SQL editing before to do this, but in our lean and 5S
efforts around here I misplaced/cleaned/5Sed the command structure to do
that. Does anyone have the message they sent me last time (like 5 years
ago) or know the correct format for re-pointing the vaults? I have kept the
copied location on XXXX2 up to date every couple weeks by manually copying
the new files to tithe same folder on the new server so all I really need to
do is tell Ilink to lock over here instead of over there.


Brian Hawley
CAD Systems Admin

Re: New Fileserver help


If you are running Oracle 8.1.7 you can use:


Oracle Server Manager Release - Production

Copyright (c) 1997, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
JServer Release - Production

SVRMGR> connect internal/internal
SVRMGR> select * from pdm.pdm_fileserver;