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Pro/I 3.3 and WF2 Check-in Problem

Regular Member

Pro/I 3.3 and WF2 Check-in Problem

Hello all!

A problem has shown up in at least 3 PACCAR divisions since we upgraded
from Pro/E 2001 to WF2. This seems to occur for our release writers
(those who perform final checks on drawings, update revisions, and check
in and promote to "released").

Upon check-in of an updated drawing, the user gets an error window:
"Check conflict was unsuccessful. See the error log for more

The "error log" is actually the .proi.log file. Within that is:
"Message: ToolKit Error : -1426
0: ORA-01426: numeric overflow"

The "resolution" is as documented in TAN 126976, which offers the
workaround of exporting the drawing and files to disk, checking out the
drawing to a new Workspace, and then importing the drawing back into
that Workspace. Any attempts at editing the drawing in WF2, or opening
it in session and attempting to save over a fresh check-out of the
drawing, will bring the problem back.

The TAN states, and PTC Tech support is sticking to this, that the
problem is with Pro/I 3.3 and has been resolved in Pro/I 3.4. We never
experienced this problem using Pro/I 3.3 with Pro/E 2001, only after
upgrade to WF2. Migrating to Pro/I 3.4 before migrating to the latest
version of Pro/I is not a very good option to us.

I have a few questions.
How could this truly be a problem with Pro/I 3.3 instead of WF2?
Has anyone else seen this problem? I know several others are using
Pro/I 3.3 with WF2.
Has anyone noted a specific trigger for this problem?
Has anyone found a different work-around?

Thank you!

Daniel Reid
CAD Project Engineer
Kenworth Truck Company