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Pro crashes and Workspaces deleted!


Pro crashes and Workspaces deleted!

I've seen this problem once before but can't recall the details or find the info I need on it.

I have a user who had Pro/E & Pro/I crash and when he restarted, all of his workspaces were gone. All of his Pro/E files were gone as well including all of his .log.### files. Basically anything Pro/E related beneath the Pro/I Client Start In folder was blown away.

When I had this problem once before, I believe it had something to do with some windows temp folder containing too much data.

We have been able to recover his data using a restoration tool but after a few minutes, Pro/E & Pro/I crashed and it was gone again. Of course this user hasn't checked in in forever!



We had one user that had the same problem, there was some sort of
corruption in the .proi, so I simply deleted it, and let IntraLINK
create a new one. The problem has not repeated itself since.

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