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ProjectLink vs. Microsoft Project.


ProjectLink vs. Microsoft Project.

I know that they aren't even in the category of capabilities, but....
Has anyone ever seen MS Project used in a manner similar to ProjectLink?
Can you reference and link to files in MS Project in order to provide
organization instead of using a complex directory structures?

Our projects are currently managed in Project Folders, many, many levels
deep with long descriptive file and folder names and we are running up
against the wall for maximum number of characters for a path name in

Am I correct in my understanding that ProjectLink is suppose to do
exactly this, replace MS Project and a directory structure of files plus
track revisions and workflow? If not can someone help me understand how
it would compare or could be used to solve our current situation?

Has anyone out there made this transition successfully to ProjectLink
from a windows directory structure/manual methodology for project

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


I believe that Microsoft Project Server (part of their Enterprise
Project Management package) can do some of these things. You can store
project plans online and share them, and I think it also allows the
sharing of folders and files.

ProjectLink will manage your complex folder structures just fine. On of
the advantages of ProjectLink over MS Project Server is that the items
you place in your folders can be directly tied to your PDMLink system.
In other words, you can check out a file to a project instead of an
individual from PDMLink. Anyone viewing the item in PDMLink will see it
is checked out to a project, and you will have full traceability of the
work path. Then anyone who is a part of the project can collaborate on
that item.

Note also that there is a direct integration between MS Project and
ProejctLink that allows you to upload MS Project files to ProjectLink,
or edit ProjectLink plans directly in MS Project.


<http:"/> Robert M. Priest, PE, PMP
Lead Engineer / PLM Program Manager