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Promoting "As Stored" vs. "Latest"


Promoting "As Stored" vs. "Latest"

Does anyone have procedures regarding promoting using "As Stored" vs.
"Latest"? By specific revision / version or automated using Toolkit.
Baselines? Other methods?

In commonspace I have:
.asm Rev 1 Ver 0
Rev 1 Ver 1

.drw Rev 1 Ver 0

One or the other version of the assembly could be the intended item to be
promoted with the drawing. How do we ensure the intended assembly is
actually promoted?

Stephen Galayda
HydraForce, Inc.
(847) 229-3188


RE: Promoting "As Stored" vs. "Latest"

For promoting purposes, we advocate the usage of the "Latest" versions
This can change if multiple people are working on the same component.
But generally we have the objects locked when being modified, so the
"Latest" version you checked in, should be the version to be promoted.

AsStored is used to review a drawing when the components are mid-process
to the next release. Generally, AsStored will bring the versions you
need to view for Manufacturing purposes.

We have created yet another criteria "AllProduction" which pulls the
latest version, at production, of all related files.

We have rather intricate assemblies, with lots of components which can
be used in multiple products, and can therefore be at various stages of
Development, In Progress and Production release levels.

{ITEM = '*'}:{ VERSION = %LATESTATRL('Production') }

This works well to identify where files have been checked in at
in-progress, so the changes can be reviewed to be incorporated in the
next official change, or removed from commonspace if the changes are not

Michelle McMasters
Engineering Systems Administrator

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