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Query Latest Version using Query-Objects webject


Query Latest Version using Query-Objects webject

I have a requirement to obtain the latest version/iteration of an object by IBA values using an Info*Engine task. I am currently an obtaining the part master, then get all the versions for the part master, and then pass the first object in the group to another webject to build a list of latest version objects. Using this method requires two separate calls to the database and does not perform well enough to meet the project requirements.

Does anyone have a suggestion for completing this in a single database call using the Query-Objects or any other webject?

Thank You,

Paul Hartwig
PLM Application Development
Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies
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Minneapolis, MN 55420

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RE: Query Latest Version using Query-Objects webject

Hello Paul,

Is your difficulty getting the latest version of the part?I remember having difficulty getting the same, but many months have passed and I'mnotsure how I resolved it. Looking back in myfiles, Ifind two things, but I'm not sure which onewas the best solution, ifeither. Herethey are:

In the Query-Objects I used

<ie:param name="WHERE" data="(iterationInfo.latest=true)"/">
<ie:param name="WHERE" data="(state.state=RELEASED)"/">

I also used a different webject called "Search-Objects" that has this other param:

<ie:param name="VERSION" data="LATEST"/">

See page p317 WCAdapterGuide.pdf.

I don't know if this helps or not, but thought I'd respond just incase.


Glen Herman
Sr Application Developer
Engineering And Technology
Trane Residential Systems
6200 Troup Hwy
Tyler, Texas, 75701


RE: Query Latest Version using Query-Objects webject

I'm not sure if the original poster found a solution to this, but I just had this same problem. I needed to get the latest version of a set of documents that had been updated since a certain date.

This webject worked.

<ie:webject name="Search-Objects" type="OBJ">

<ie:param name="INSTANCE" data="com.mycompany.Windchill" delim="!" valueseparator="!" default="&lt;">"/>

<ie:param name="DBUSER" data="admin"/">    

<ie:param name="GROUP_OUT" data="document"/">    

<ie:param name="PASSWD" data="password"/">    

<ie:param name="TYPE" data="wt.epm.EPMDocument"/">    

<ie:param name="WHERE" data="thePersistInfo.modifyStamp">='$(@FORM[]moddate[])"/>

<ie:param name="VERSION" data="LATEST"/">   

 <ie:param name="ITERATION" data="LATEST"/">    

<ie:param name="ATTRIBUTE" data="*"/">


I hope this helps someone out!