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RESOLUTION - Report Manager - SQL Unions


RESOLUTION - Report Manager - SQL Unions

Thanks for the reply Vincent.

After some research, I completely agree. I had to create the unions by manually writing the sql scripts and then importing them into the Report Manager.


I just started playing with the windchill 9.0 report manager / query builder & seen that the build tool looks
to be more robust that previous versions. I did not drill down deep, but it looks to very user friendly with JOINs.

I don't know what the exported QMLs look like &/or whether they lean towards one side of the JOIN or not
(like Darin exclaimed in previous thread), but I might later, just to see if that limitation was resolved in windchill 9.

But I actually have another question in this are, but concerning the Cognos area. I also just started viewing the
help, get started, etc. But the question I have probably isn't in Cognos / report manager / query builder
docs/guides/help/etc, because its how they both work on your data.

I think I recall seeing they have separate user/owner & tables in your oracle wind sid. But what is the difference
in the data stored in each separate set of tables. Are they 2 completely different tools, gathering query info
separately & differently. Or are the now connected & the report manager / query builder actually pull from the
Cognos area.

Then if they are different, how, why & which is better.

I could beat both to death & see how they are tied or different. How are their tables different. Are their reporting
tools/apps/templates/etc different & which is better for what.

I can read all the docs/guides to form an opinion, but I figured some one on forum has done that already & could
maybe help me from going too far down the wrong path.

I put in help desk call & the 1st response was to who me where the Cognos docs were. Not much help there.

So I will have to place another call & give more detail. Maybe get a different support person &/or different response.

Or get lucky & find others that have played with Cognos & compared to windchill 9 report manager / query builder.

So this is not directly to Darin, but to all & any. Even links to guides, how-tos, etc would be great. But those with
the over all picture.

Thanks in advance, if you care to or can respond.

L Jett,