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Reversions, Versions and Iterations


Reversions, Versions and Iterations


We are on the process of implementing PDMLink. We are using Wildfire M180
and INTRALINK 3.3.

I need help on the following issue:

Our number system coupled with Revisions(for major changes like Form, Fit
and Function) and Versions(for minor changes like cosmetic changes) looks
like this

NNNNN-EESSS-yyy-xxx Revision.Version

NNNNN = Project Number
EE = Equipment Number
SSS = Sequential Number
yyy = Document Type
xxx = Document part
Revisions = 1, 2, 3, .......
Versions = --, A, B, C, .....

PDMLink out of the Box Implementation offers only
Revision.Iteration on the following format: A.1, A.2, A.3, ...B.1, B.2,
B.3, ...

I want to implement Revision.Version.Iteration where
Revisions = 1, 2, 3, .......
Versions = --, A, B, C, .....
Iterations = 0,1, 2, 3, ...... where Iterations are used for
history purpose
STATUS = WIP, Approved, Released, Rejected, Obsolete

If a object is at 1.--.0 WIP
1.--.1 WIP
1.--.2 Released and a minor change is applied
1.A.0 WIP will be the next status of the
Object. As you can see Version moved from -- to A, Iteration from 2 to 0 and
Status from Released to WIP
1.A.1 WIP
1.A.2 WIP
1.A.3 Released
A major change is applied on the object than
2.--.0 WIP Revision went from
1 to 2, Version from A to -- and Iteration from 3 to 0
2.--.1 WIP
2.--.2 Released
Another minor change is applied than
2.A.0 WIP
2.A.1 Released
and so one.

Wow do I go about in PDMLink to achieve the above result?
I believe that I have to change the Out-Of-The-Box Schemes.
Have you done it or can you advice me the best way to follow?

Can PTC people help and guide me?

Thank you for your time.......and if I can be of further assistance, please
don't hesitate to contact me

Mario M Ventura
Manager Mechanical Design Office
Aerospace Systems, a division of Denel
PO Box 7412
Centurion 0046
South Africa