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Rules and Groups


Rules and Groups

Problem #1:
I have seen in the past where people have setup the rules so that the
users can not change a model after it has been "released". I like this
ideas and have set my rules so that this will work at my company.
However, we now get warning messages everytime we bring these models up
and the warnings are listed in intralink. This is most of the models out
there and the messages are getting annoying. Is there a config option to
turn these off, or can I change my rules so I don't get the warning. (any
config options that turn off any warnings within Pro or ilink would be
nice to have.)

Problem #2:
We are setup so the engineer does the design work and the a draftsman does
the drawing. We like the engineers to move the model to "released" when
they are done with there part. The problems happens when the draftsman
needs to change a parameter, add a view or cross section to the model.
They have to role the rev. again or demote, make the changes then promote
the model again. What is everyone else doing to avoid this problem?

RE: Rules and Groups

Problem 1 responce:
I think this is it...we shut that off as well...
(If thats not it see the rest of our options below)

save_modified_draw_models_only YES
yes, no
Determines whether the system saves the model after you have changed it.

If set to no, saves the model every time that you store the drawing.

Problem 2 responce:

Do not release the model until the drawing is done.
If the draftsman checks the model in with some bad info
you can always role an object back a version if nessisary.
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