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SUMMARY, Intralink best practices


SUMMARY, Intralink best practices

After a long delay, here is the original post and some
of the suggestions I got:

------ Original post --------------
Are there any "Best Practices" when you have a team of
designers working concurrently on the same models and
drawings? As an admin and not a user, I don't have any
personal experience with this.

I know each person needs to set the CS status of files
they want to modify, but are there other things you
can/should do? Such as when someone changes a model
and checks it in, how should others who have that
model in a Workspace deal with it?

PTC told me they do not have such a document.
Unfortunately, I cannot search the exploder archives
from work (due to the exploder links being IP
addresses, not named links). I will see if I can find
anything from my home connection.

Any tips or pointers to existing info would be greatly

------------- Replies ---------------
Yes, locking the part is the best way I know to keep
users from tripping over each other. I also recommend
that they add "Compare Status" to their table
configuration. When one user checks in a file, it
lets the others who have it in their WS know that
their version is not the latest, then they update the
file to get the new version. They can avoid getting
check in errors if they get in the habit of watching
out for it.
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