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Serious Intralink Replication Problem


Serious Intralink Replication Problem

I've got an Intralink question for you guys. Intralink 3.2 2002270 on
Windows systems. This problem have been occurring over several previous
builds of Intralink and has been occurring for 2 years. We've only recently
discovered the problem.

I have a Master Server with 1 vault with 30,000 objects and just recently
discovered that I have a replicated vault with 570,000 objects and another 2
sites with 40,000 objects. The master vault is 11 gig and the vault with
570,000 objects is 160 gig.

We are running nightly replication scripts an example of the line is

call F:\apps\proiclient\bin\replicate_folder.bat username
password "Root Folder/Common_Parts" -D -f
call F:\apps\proiclient\bin\replicate_folder.bat username
password "Root Folder/Common_Parts" -R

The -D option should be deleting files from the replicate sites that have
been removed from the master site and it doesn't seem to be doing so. We
run some test with the -P option but it did not remove any more files that
it knew were part of the Oracle database.

We have discovered that every time we have a failed replication Intralink
will just add new files to the replicated vault and stop tracing them in
Oracle and the vault just grows and grows. We have tried moving the vault
to a new location on the same drive based on the theory that the move
command will only take the good files and leave the bad ones behind, but
there is a bug in Intralink and it won't move the files automatically.

We also tried the Intralink Admin function to remove the replicated file
vault from the folders but only ended up gaining about 6 gig. That's
strange because we are replicating the entire database and there
theoretically should have been a net gain of around 13 gigs.

Have any of you experienced this problem with folder replication?

Just looking for any experiences or tips or explanations.

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