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Summary: 3D Model or 2D Drawing


Summary: 3D Model or 2D Drawing

Thank you for your inputs.
This topic seems to be clear.
The 2D drawing is the only legal document for production.
Here are the answers:

We have to have the drawings, for legacy and legal history reasons. There
is no way to "copyright" the 3D model at this point, you can't mark it with
your company's name. Especially when sending data out, there is no way to
"lock" the design or mark it with a rev and version that is visible to the
vendor. It would be easy to make a part at the wrong revision.
You will be 1 million times better off across the board if you create
drawings with only "shown" dimensions (to the greatest extent possible).
Pro/E parts and drawings are copied easily. Every corner you cut will be
copied eventually into hundreds of cut corners. You will pay forever for a
moment fallen to temptation.
Your users need to learn how to create sketches, and how to model parts in a
way that is dimensionally flexible and robust. We've been doing this for 10
years. It is much easier to modify a drawing built upon true dimensions.
Parts can be created initially in a way that aids design...then later
converted to what is best for the drawing. For example, a symmetrical part
can be created with dimensions centered about a centerline. Then, shortly
before drawing release, the dimensions can be changed at the part level to
what the drawing needs. Your users can do this if they've learned how to
dimension features flexibly.
dem Thema 3D - 2D haben wir uns mit dem Produkt Stheno/Pro gewidmet, hier im
Besonderen Pro/Engineer .
Schauen Sie doch bitte einmal auf unserer Internetseite
vorbei, dort finden Sie unter Stheno/Pro die Arbeitsweise eines
Draftingsystems in enger Verbindung zu einem 3D System.

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