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Summary - Associating BOM index/find numbers in Pro/I to the Pro/E model


Summary - Associating BOM index/find numbers in Pro/I to the Pro/E model


From the few responses, it doesn't appear that this is possible right
now. Thanks to those who responded.

I do believe this should not be a big task for PTC, or another
developer, to take on.

If we look at the basics of the issue:

1. You need to create assembly level meta data that represents the
index number of all of the top level components in the assembly. This
information could also be added to a family table for family tabled

2. You need to be able to read the index meta data into Pro/I -
PDMLink - Windchill.

Item1: To my knowledge, a Pro/E file has three main parts, 1) a meta
data section which holds the meta data like designated parameters,
revision, release level, etc. and is still man readable, 2) a geometry
section where the geometry only is stored for viewables (think geometry
rep. and preview), and 3) the features section where the definition of
the features exists (dimensions, tolerances, references, etc). Why
couldn't the index information be stored in the meta data section of the
Pro/E file similar to how parameter info is stored? It may also be
possible to store the data in an external file, perhaps an .xml file.
The .xml file could be a required dependent. A GUI to assign the index
number shouldn't be to difficult either.

Item2: If the meta data is in the Pro/E file, it should be possible
to read/write this information with the data management program just as
the release level, revision, parameters, etc., are updated. If the file
is external, it should be do-able as well.

Have a good holiday.

Dan N.


The BOM item numbers are assigned 'on-the-fly' by Pro/E and are not
transferred to any PDM products.
In the parts list, the rpt.index number is just that, an index number of
the parts list display. If you reorder your parts list, the item
associated to an index number will change.
We asked this same question at my last company, Ingersoll Rand, because
we wanted to take the index number up into PDMLink. PTC said it wasn't

I had spoken to PTC about having Find Numbers in Pro/E drawings, come
over to PDMLink for the models in a ProductStructure and was more or
less told this will never happen.
I have since filed an Enhancement request.


Intralink3.4/8.0 won't do that, however PDMLink will. PDMLink
makes BOMs out of "Windchill Parts" that are related to the original CAD
files. This way you can make a BOM independent of which CAD system the
drawings/models came from.
- How does the index number get into the model?




I'm looking for a technique/process to do something that I thought would
be easy (famous last words), but is proving to be tricky. I'm looking
to do be able to make the BOM index/find number in Pro/I or PDMLink (or
possibly another system) associative to the model. In other words, if I
open an assembly model, I want to be able to query the model somehow to
determine the find number of a particular top level component. Is this
possible with the existing data management software from PTC (Windchill,
PDMLink, Pro/I)?

Daniel Nordin
BAE Systems
Electronics & Integrated Solutions
EDE MCAE Support Group
Nashua, NH 03061