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Summary: Error with Import/Export


Summary: Error with Import/Export

Thanks to all the replied. I THINK (think) I have it fixed. I am not sure
why this fixes, or maybe I finally got lucky and the INTRALINK gods above
saw fit to give me some good luck....It seems to me that at no time can
PRO/E or PRO/ILINK be loaded into directories with spaces, if you want
Import/Export to work. This includes different releases of PRO that ILINK
supposedly knows nothing about (not called out in setup for launching
PRO). So here is what I did, for what it's worth..Most of it was a
guessing game till I got it to work:

For the windows 2000 machine:
Left Release 2001 alone
Uninstall Wildfire (same dir as 2001, different folder)
Uninstalled Wildfire 2 from program folder (folder had spaces)

Import and Export work fine now for 2001
maybe ILINK was getting confused somewhere as to where to look/launch,
ever though it was clearly called out.

Reinstalled Wildfire and Wildfire 2 into same directory (different
sub-folders) as 2001, and all seem to be working

On XP machine (had NO other releases or builds of PRO): Uninstalled both
First installation was to a directory with spaces; then uninstalled and
reinstalled into dir w/out spaces, still did not work. Uninstalled both
again Removed registry info
Reinstalled both in directory without spaces Everything works fine

So basically, I have really know clue, and Tech Support was no good either
cause they kept telling it was the Timeout Error and for the most part
gave up on the call...