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Summary: Upgrading from Intralink 3.1


Summary: Upgrading from Intralink 3.1

Here are the 2 responses I received on this subject. Feel free to chime in on this subject if you have any suggestions, your help will be greatly appreciated.


I'd head for Intralink 3.4. I'd also go with Windows 2003 in favor of Windows 2000 Server. I know Microsoft is pulling free support for Windows 2000 Workstation this summer, I'd suspect that Windows 2000 Server wouldn't be far behind.
Before going production in Wildfire you should verify and save all family tables, this will save you headaches.
In regard to Intralink 3.4 you must turn off the cost based optimizer, you must also run the schema patch after running all the patches after a 3.3 data import. When you do this you will find that 3.4 will outperform 3.3 quite handily.
good luck.

Definitely 3.4, we have been running it for a couple of months and it is
fast and flawless.
Just make sure you get your optimizer rule set correctly.

The deal with family tables is that the combination of WF1 or 2 and the
newer versions of Ilink, late 3.3 and 3.4, keep track of whether a
family table instance has been verified. Therefore all family tables
have to be re-verified in WF and checked into Ilink. There is now a
setting in the Ilink Preferences that will allow unverified instances to
be checked in, but it is the consensus of most administrators that this
just postpones the inevitable. Sooner or later you will have to do this
as WF will keep complaining about unverified instances.

Thanks again for the help,

Joe Skull
Design Engineer
Skyline Displays Inc.
3355 Discovery Road
Eagan, MN 55121
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