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Unit of Measure options.


Unit of Measure options.

I see that this has some traction in the community.

What we have: We make hearing aids, they are small and so most of our units on the product build are small (oz).

Some items like glue or resin (for the molded parts) are purchased in large amounts like gallons.

When we imported our materials from Oracle into Windchill during our go-live process to create wtParts, we converted the large measurements to small (it was .007 gal = 1oz). All good.

But, now we want to publish the full BOM from Windchill back to Oracle (ESI) including the Unit of Measure.

Now we run into the problem of having tens of items that have different units of measure.

Our BOM with an item that is 1 oz of something will result in 1 gallon in Oracle. This would be a problem.


So what to do?

Research seems to suggest that you can't change the UofM in Oracle. It doesn't make sence to use a large unit for a small product so why change it in Windchill just because we buy it in a larger size.


Some of the items are used in thousands of BOM's it would be huge to obsolete and replace with a different part number.

Did anyone figure this out before?

What do folks suggest we look at as a solution.





there's difference in Windchill between WTpart default unit (which should be the same than in ERP to avoid integration complexity),

and the BOM unit


In general Wtpart unit reflect more the way the WTpart is stocked/purchased from the ERP

and the BOM what is exactly consume to build a Product


So in your case , Gallon should be default unit of WTpart, and in mBOM youd should have Oz


I don't know how oracle handle units,

But , In MPMPLink you can also define alternate Units on WTparts.  There's the same feature in SAP ERP.

You define alternate unit with a conversion ratio: 1 oz = 0,0078125 gallon

and then the ERP do the conversion from the BOM to the stocked unit

If you consume 2 oz in the mBOM, ERP will take 2x0,0078125 gallon from the stock



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