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UpgradeManager Oracle Query help


UpgradeManager Oracle Query help

One of the migrators in 9.0 M030 is taking 7 hours to delete some records. I can see the Query it is trying to run, and have written an alternative that takes about a minute to complete. I'm not an Oracle expert, but was able to find the problem and an alternative using Google. The migrator still took almost 7 hours even with the records already deleted.

Any suggestions for helping out ptc's query from the Oracle side?

maybe creating an index that might help, or telling Oracle to run my query if they see PTC's?

Their query:
DELETE FROM WTAclEntry WHERE classnamekeyA3='' AND idA3A3 NOT IN (SELECT idA2A2 FROM WTGroup WHERE ((disabled=0) OR (disabled IS NULL)))

My query:
DELETE FROM WTAclEntry wta WHERE classnamekeyA3='' and not exists (SELECT idA2A2 FROM WTGroup wtg WHERE ( ( (wtg.disabled=0) or ( wtg.disabled is null) ) and wtg.ida2a2 = wta.ida3a3))

Oracle says something like full table scan for both tables in ptc's query.
We have some 1,292,963 wtgroup entries in the WTAclEntry table.
There are some 17,903 WTAclEntry table records that are for disabled groups.


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AW: UpgradeManager Oracle Query help

For all of you, who can't wait till PTC has changed the code, create
following 2 indexes before executing New Access Permission Migrator

create index pdmlink.wtaclentry$classnamkey3ida3a3 on

create index pdmlink.wtgroup$ida2a2disabled on

After the New Access Permission Migrator task has finished, drop the

drop index pdmlink.wtaclentry$classnamkey3ida3a3;

drop index pdmlink.wtgroup$ida2a2disabled;

We have 400,000 wtgroup entries in WTAclEntry and with the 2 indexes
created, the statements finished in 15 minutes. Attached you can find a
performance comparison.




RE: UpgradeManager Oracle Query help


I don't know about the specific query you mentioned, however we discovered that if we gather Oracle statistics between certain UpgradeManager steps, it saves hours of time. I suspect this is because the migrator is creating new tables and indices as it goes. We gather statistics before the standalone migrator step and before the server-based migrators. For us, this makes the difference between the Family Table Migrator (part 2) taking 15 minutes vs. more than 5 hours. You might want to try this approach and see if it helps.


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