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WIndchill Failover in a MS Cluster


WIndchill Failover in a MS Cluster

Also sent to Infastructure and Datamgt.

This is the question we asked PTC Tech Support:
What IBM told us was that Windows 2003 Enterprise Server supports
clustering and the failover. Oracle since V8 has supported clustering and
failover. They said that the program has to be compiled with special API
calls to handle the failover.

Is Windchill compiled with the API calls that support Microsoft Cluster

This is their answer:
Windchill is not compiled with API specifically for Microsoft Cluster
failover. That said, it may still work in that environment, but any
problems would not be supported by PTC.

If you would like support for that functionality, you can submit an
enhancement request through the PTC technical support homepage. However,
unless many customers have the same issue, enhancement requests can have a
slow turnaround time.

We have repsonded to PTC with this request:
We would like to submit the issue of cluster failover not as an
"enhancement request", but as a mission critical bug in Windchill. PTC
should realize that their Windchill product should have 24/7 up-time
availability and utilize all fail-over features any OS PTC supports.

My question to the exploder group is:
How many feel that Windchill should support the Cluster failover
mechanisms of the OS, specifically Windows 2003 Server.