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WTC CMS Product Center Pro/E connector


WTC CMS Product Center Pro/E connector

Hello all,

I've been away from the 'Sploder for a year or so, and I'm just getting back
in. I've done a search of the archives, but i'm coming up short. I've just
configured a new PC and my Product Center will not run inside Pro/E. It
works fine on other older machines, so I think i'm missing a config. The
'utilities' 'auxilliary applications' menu does not show Product Center
registered like it used to. I have to manually register it every Pro
session. Then when i 'start' it, I can login, and all the normal startup
routines run. "Auxilliary Applications" shows Product Center running, the
command line shows application "Product Center" started successfully. The
menu DBMS shows up, and the menu pick for WTC Produc Center shows, but the
CMS window never opens, it just kicks back to Pro/E.

I have my prodev.dat file in my starting working directory. Upon hitting
'register' in 'Auxilliary Applications' it shows right away, and Product
Center registers, when I manually do it. I was thinking there was a config
option or a second file to edit, but I have copied my and
config.sup from my old machine, and cannot think of any other file i'm
missing. Can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction? Oh, and before
someone sends me to WTC's help lines, my North American IT manager cut off
our support for CMS a year ago, so i'm dead in the water there.