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WVS configure must be same local?


WVS configure must be same local?



i have question about wvs


cad data into windchill, wvs makes view file right?

so wvs setup file must be locate same local?

if windchill server and creo parametric exist other place,

wvs can modify ?




WVS invoke creo parametric application to make view file.

So the better way is to install windchill server, creo parametric and WVS in the same server.

If the windchill server and creo parametric exist other place, make sure WVS can invoke the remote creo parametric application.

The recommeneded installation is to put the WVS on a separate workstation. While WVS dooes not require a graphics card, having it on a workstation can be an aid in debugging if you do have issues.


I have Windchill installed on server 1, Oracle on server 2 and WVS on workstation 1. The users all access a network install of Creo. The WVS workstation MUST have a local copy of Creo, so I just copy the network install folder over to the workstation.


When you install the Creo View Adapters, they will setup all of the files you need on the publishing workstation. From a Windchill session, you will then need to configure the CAD Workker.


I installed CREO on the client side and accessed the Windchill web page to configure wvs.
However, a gray flag indicating unsafe execution is displayed.
Do I need to add the client-side local address to the attribute via xconfmanager?
Or do I need to copy the client-side CREO installation folder to the Windchill server's storage space and configure wvs?
Up to this point, I have installed CREO on my Windchill installed server and configured wvs.

I would appreciate it if you could explain it a little easier because I do not understand.
Please help me with the lack
Thank you.

How can I make sure that I can make calls remotely?
I would appreciate a little easier explanation.
Thank you.

the WVS workder adapter can be installed on the same machine with Windchill. or installed in a different machine.

hope the following documents material can help:

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