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Windchill Developers


Windchill Developers

Hi Friends,

I am looking for Windchill Developers; Analysts; Solutions Architects;
Windchill Testing Engineers.

Please see if anyone of your friend is interested.

Thanks and regards,

Amir Ahmad

Uses for WTPart Object Subtypes

We are exploring the use of object subtypes in our PDMLink
implementation and have a couple of questions for everyone that would
care to answer and see other people's responses as well:

* Are you creating object subtypes, such as WTPart subtypes,
EPMDoc subtypes and so forth?
* If not, why are you not using the subtype functionality? (can be
as simple as "I didn't know we can")
* If yes, what object types are you creating subtypes for
(WTParts, EPMDocs, etc.)?
* If yes, what reasons have you decided to leverage the subtyping
functionality? (i.e.: attribute control, workflow control, etc.) This is
pretty much the heart of the question.
* If yes, what drawbacks and/or pitfalls exist when using
subtypes? (i.e.: cannot switch an object from subtype to subtype, cannot
delete subtype if used, etc.)
* This is an extension of the third sub-question above: What are
the uses for subtyping that you may be aware of?
* What are the various uses for attributes on WTParts that people
are currently leveraging? (i.e.: workflow routing, searching and finding
data based on those attributes, smart numbering, etc.)
* What drawbacks have you experienced with using attributes on
WTParts? (i.e.: cannot delete them from the attribute manager once used,

Please feel free to answer any or all of the above questions that you
may have some input on.

I will catalog all answers, summarize, add info from my research, and
post by EOB this Friday (of course, this depends on whether or not I get
any responses.)

Much thanks in advance.

Frank Menendez

Principal Engineer
Alcon, Inc.
Ph: 949.753.6762

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Thank you.

SUMMARY: Uses for WTPart Object Subtypes

Here's the summary so far

Re: Windchill Developers

Do you know for any community with development matters?

Re: Windchill Developers

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