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Windchill Disaster Recovery Procedures


Windchill Disaster Recovery Procedures

Hi All,

Just wanted to get some feedback on what people are doing for disaster recovery, basically if your systems get blown up, how would you get the system back up on line?

I've set up a dev server using the rehosting guide and data from the backups we do, ldap, oracle, vaults etc so I know the data is good to use for recovery

If any of you have any good suggestions for this please send them my way

Will post a summary

Thanks in Advance



Windchill Disaster Recovery Procedures

Hi Chris,

Very much the same so far. But we are also interested into another way of working.
Anyone tried the VMWare virtualisation yet? Working for Unix Servers as well?


Windchill Disaster Recovery Procedures

My Intralink 8 server went down last year and lost everything. Fortunately I
do cold backups every night of Oracle, LDAP and the vaults. I also export
the LDAP tree structure periodically. It took a couple of days of messing
with it, but I got everything back and working. When you do your rehost make
sure your target Windchill installation is the same build has your source
installation. It's a good idea to test your backups a couple of times a
year, if not more.

John Neilson

CMC of Georgia

Engineering Dept.

2167 Highway 123

Toccoa, Ga. 30577


Windchill Disaster Recovery Procedures

Following are some options, there can be many more to consider:

a) Keep the Windchill Site name separate from the actual host file name. For

b) Use a HTTP proxy server for Windchill, this will allow you to
effortlessly switch Windchill hardware in the event of a failure. HTTP Proxy
is easy to setup.

c) Maintain a test environment which is a replica of your production
environment. Periodically rebuild your test server from production

d) If your production server is a monolithic instance, it is advisable to
have a HTTP proxy. This will allow a quick redirect to the test server
(re-hosted from production)in the event of a catastrophic production
hardware failure

e) If you have a separate Application server and Database server (dedicated
to Windchill only), you might want to consider installing all Windchill
components on the database server to make it a monolithic instance. This
will add redundancy to your existing production hardware platform.

e) If your production server is a cluster, obviously you have built
application redundancy, I still recommend a test environment with periodic
re-host from production

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