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Windchill Rehosting from to is possible ?


Windchill Rehosting from to is possible ?

Hello All,

i am trying to rehost our Windchill 8.0 M040 from our souce system """ to new Target system "".

Source System:

Target System :

For doing this i fallow these steps:

1. Copy ptc folder from source to target with same folder structure.

2. Install Aphelion on ""

3. Install Apache, Tomcat on target System which runs fine.

4. Export target root.ldif and import it on Target LDAP.

5. Export oracle dump from source and import it to Target System.


Replace all occurrences of the source hostname with that of the target system in the following files in <APACHE_HOME>/conf.


  1. httpd.conf
  2. ssl.conf

Start Apache Server. Ensure that it comes up fine.

Apache Server Working fine.


SQL> select hostname from fvhost;



SQL> update fvhost set hostname='';

1 row updated.


SQL> update repository set lastknowndomain='' where lastknowndomain='';


SQL> select url from site;

SQL> update site set url='';


SQL>Update remoteobjectinfo set remoteobjectid = replace(remoteobjectid, 'cn=testplm','cn=tatatoyoplm');

16022 row updated


alter package baselinepk compile body;

alter package epmworkspacepk compile body;


After doing all these syncronization steps we start the Windchill then it gives the bellow errors as attched in mehod server log.

I also call with PTC but as per ptc this is not supported method.

Please help us

Thank you.



Hello Vivek,

I would like to upgrade and rehost my Windchill 8.0 M050 system to Windchill 10.0 M040.

Source host name:

LDAP: Aphelion

Target host name would be:

Target LDAP would be: WindchillDS

You look professional, I am a new and inexperienced this topic. What steps do you suggest me?



Isn't like this for updating Repository table

SQL> Update Repository set lastknowndomain='',guid='' where lastknowndomain='';