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Windchill search

Re: Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer Using MS Website


I am under Intraling 9.1, and i try tu use the url:


(I tried with name or number)

But it return me no results.

The standard search page of Intraling found few documents...
any idea?

Re: Windchill search

You can use custom search application by Windchill,

source code available.

Re: Windchill search

Thankyou for that Ivan, but, although your application is interesting, it is not what I am looking for.

I have an excel file used by other offices, in wich are some list of part numbers.

I would like to add a column in this file (updated by a vb macro) in wich one will be a hypertext link to open the drawing in internet explorer.

something like:

For i=0 to 1000
cells(i,1).value = "http://myserver/myspecificURLorSpecificWebPage?'" & cells(i,2) & "*.drw'"

next i

My problem is that I am not able to write the specific Url with an article number as argument, or a custom web page, wich will send me back a search report.

Re: Windchill search

i think you can do this only programming using excel API, or write custom application similar to excel on GWT.


Re: Windchill search

Isn-it possible to write a custop webpage in java, wich would accept argument, and wich will do the request to intralink database using apropriate java code?

Re: Windchill search

Hi, i've just found your thread regarding the possibility to search/query in Windchill.

We've defined a really simple to use API with which you can send a URL request to Windchill and it 'answers' back with the appropriate results.

We've built some applications on top of this - you can check two of them here:


The underlying technology is also here the mentioned API. It works really fast and is extremely lightweight. I think you could absolutely use this also from Excel to talk to Windchill. You don't have to do any Java Programming and the impact on the Windchill server is minimal.

Let me know if that sounds interesting!

Just drop us a note at


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