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rehost step

Regular Member

rehost step

Hi all,

I wanted to ask if you can tell me the steps for a proper rehost.

I would do it without rehost utility

I read the guide, but I would like to understand it better.

Thank you so much!


Re: rehost step

  1. Copy over the loadpoint ptc\Windchill_X.X and vaults  to the new server.
  2. Create database user, import the database from source
  3. Update the repository table in the database to reflect the new server and domain name
  4. Update the LDAP config branch using ant script
  5. Update the host name references Windchill config files using the same ant script #4
  6. Update database references in
  7. If the passwords are different, update them
  8. Update the hostname references in Apache
  9. Update the vault references and re-mount the vaults.

Re: rehost step

Why do you want to do it without the Rehost Utility?

It can be done, I used to do it all the time, before the Utility became good enough to work.


The steps will vary per your installation.

Baiscally they are:

  1. Install OOTB target DB and Windchill
  2. Make sure it works
  3. Dump Oracle and WindchillDS databases from source
  4. Copy vaults
  5. Import WindchillDS
  6. Drop user in Oracle with SQL
  7. Import Oracle dump
  8. Configure the sodtwrae for your new hardware addresses and names (This is where the Rehost Utility does the work for you)

Re: rehost step

I try to explain the situation I have: (sorry for my English)

I have a production server with Windchill 10.1 M040 that will need to be upgraded to version 11 M030. But first I have to run a machine rehost with windchill 10.1 on the new server and then upgrade.

Re: rehost step

The steps to Upgrade on a new server are basically the same, except you install the new s/w release at step 1. and use the Upgrade Manager at step 8 instead of the Rehost Utility, and it (the Upgrade Manager) validates each piece of input before moving on to the next step in a graphical ui.  It inludes options for rehearsal and production upgrades, and gives very detailed reports at each step which are useful for troubleshooting.  It is well worth taking the time to do one or more rehearsals, so you can predict the downtime for the production server, and schedule the work at a suitable time.


It is possible to upgrade in place on the same server, but with the benefit of new server hardware or preferably Virtual Machine(s), and the opportunity they provide to upgrade the OS, and/or the release of Oracle, it makes more sense to me to combine the rehost with the Upgrade, not do them in series.

Re: rehost step

Thanks All'!!