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searching intralink...what I did


searching intralink...what I did

First of all I wish to thank all of you for all the potential solutions and
there were many responses.

This was the issue:

Just got this request from the CEO:

"Give me" a list of all the released drawings in INTRALINK that have a
serialization note on the drawing. Further, "have it to me in two days".

Now, picture this, I am sitting here looking at him with my eyes open so
wide that they nearly pop out, my mouth hitting the floor drooling, my blood
pressure just hit the roof, I started a heavy sweat, my hair started falling
out and I got this awful smell emitting from where I sit. All I could say
was "huh?"

He repeated himself and I watched close for a smile. There was no smile!
My next statement to him was "I will see what I can do". He turned and
walked away without so much as a "try if you can" or "do your best" or even
a soft concerting "thank you". He just trotted off.

Any of you have any ideas how I might achieve this?

Many of you said, "If this note is just text on the drawing - intralink is
not going to help you and you will have to check out each drawing and
manually view it. If it is in a model/drawing parameter that is designated
to intralink - then you can use the locate within intralink to search for
the desired information".

Another response was, "Check the drawings out onto a workspace. Maybe do a
few hundred at a time. You can check out Dependency "none" to minimize the
number of files". Search using windows search for files containing text in
the .proi folder".

Yet another, "If the serialization note is just a plain note on a drawing,
you could use Modelcheck. It would be kind of a pain though. Check out all
the released drawing and export them to disk. You can use the batch mode of
Modelcheck to search all drawings for a particular note. There is a drawing
check called NOTE_UNACCEPT that allows you to enter unacceptable notes in
the .mcs file using the DRW_NOTE_UNACC configuration option. Set
DRW_NOTE_UNACC to the serialization note value and see what happens".

Then this one. "Check them all out and either use grep of windows search in
file. 5000 shouldn't be to bad".

There are more but all are similar. Seems that we all had the same ideas
but first and formost I believe all will come to the same conclusion I have
had for all these years of using this product. If all the end users would
use the parametric capabilities of this application and make the notes
parametric with appropriately parameter driven notes, the true power of
these tools could be unleashed. Yet we all beat our heads against walls and
management does not provide staffing to make this happen and the users feel
they are too busy to do that nor do they feel it is their job to customize
tha apps. to company standards. They feel they are under the gun to make
drawings any way possible as fast as they can with no consideration to
stream lining. (vent, vent, vent)

So what I did was check all the drawings out and used Borland Java builder
to search for the string and output to a spread sheet. It took me a full
day for all 5000 files.

Thanks all for your input.