Mini tripod for 3D printing

With the government pushing 3D printers, how long before we see schools 3D printing flat shapes to slot together or a pupil 3D printing a rectangular box they could have bought for half the price from RS or Rapid!

So what sort of projects make good use of 3D printers? How about a small folding tripod?

The attached model has a conventional 1/4 Whitworth thread bolt for mounting the camera. Some of you may be thinking "where is the design in this". Apart from redesigning the components, very few smart phones have a thread mount so challenge students to create an attachment that screws on to hold their smart phone.

The model hasn't been 3D printed yet so if you have a 3D printer and could print a set of parts to check everything works that would be great. Better still if someone could print and send me a set of parts that would be fantastic!  Would anyone with a 3D printer be interested in co-writing an article for D&TA?

See the video of the tripod folding here: