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Can anybody help me get started with basic manufacturing using Creo2?

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Assumed saving pasrt as a STL file intially. Depending what machine you are using, import that STL file into the software used on that machine to manufacture

Barry McGregor

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As Barry said.

You can save files as STL'S which can be uploaded to boxfords 3D geocam as we do in school.

stl's is the standard file format for 3d manufacturing works with most routers and 3D printers used in school.

you will need some software to convert the STL's file in to code for the machines to run but this should be available with the machines software.

you can also manufacture flat objects nets etc or chassis parts for Scalextric cars from the drawing section of creo.

the engineering drawings can be saved as a DFX file which can be uploaded to 2D or coral draw and be used with a laser cutter plotter or router etc.



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Simon and Barry

I failed to make myself clear, I have always used STL files with CNC millers, lasers, 3D Printers and conversion software such as GeoCAM. MillCAM, Boxford and RapidPro and 123D Make.

What I am trying to do is to use the Manufacturing modules within Creo2 that will output the codes used by industrial machines rather than their simpler educational brothers.

When you start a new file in Creo2 one of the options is Manufacturing and this is what I want to use.

You probably think why bother, well their are schools out their with such machines who are having to write the code to drive them. I have also worked in industry from the design side and have had frequent contact with CAM manufacturers and want to see what Creo2 could do for them.

Its a much more complicated way of working, but gives the manufacturer full control

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Creo Academic Edition includes the NC module with turning, milling and mold design and Precision LMS 4 Schools includes tutorials on all of these.

Before you can output to a machine tool, you need to install a post processor for the machine. The attached document describes this process with a link at the bottom to the library of post processors.

Some of the machines used in schools will not be listed but these will usually accept the default Fanuc post processor.


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Thanks Tim

As always the oracle

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Thanks for the kind words Paul, I try.

Roland and Emco feature in the list but not Boxford and Denford so I did some digging and found the attached. If anyone uses them with schools or colleges please feedback to this group.