Re: Creo2 Manufacturing

Simon and Barry

I failed to make myself clear, I have always used STL files with CNC millers, lasers, 3D Printers and conversion software such as GeoCAM. MillCAM, Boxford and RapidPro and 123D Make.

What I am trying to do is to use the Manufacturing modules within Creo2 that will output the codes used by industrial machines rather than their simpler educational brothers.

When you start a new file in Creo2 one of the options is Manufacturing and this is what I want to use.

You probably think why bother, well their are schools out their with such machines who are having to write the code to drive them. I have also worked in industry from the design side and have had frequent contact with CAM manufacturers and want to see what Creo2 could do for them.

Its a much more complicated way of working, but gives the manufacturer full control