Define Control Characteristics for not designated 3D annotations



Currently to define a control characteristic, the Creo Parametric annotation needs to be "flagged" (a.k.a. designated) for the CAD Adapter to understand that needs to make it available for selection during the publishing.


This work well if the Design Engineer (which creates/modifies the 3D Model) knows in advanced what dimensions are "Critical" and need to flag as such.


We have a lot of use case were control characteristics need to be assigned later on, when a part has already been released and the 3D model already locked. 


What is your workaround to this situation?


@JC_Niyonkuru would be nice to have a way to grab or create existing 3D annotations not "flagged" in Creo Parametric (e.g. some of the dimensions in the 3D model), and have the ability to create a control characteristic from it.