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Creo 3 issue with Surfaces (quilts) not displaying correctly..any one see this?


Creo 3 issue with Surfaces (quilts) not displaying correctly..any one see this?

Hi Guys,

We recently updated from Wildfire 5 to Creo 3.

We seem to have a weird issue with surfaces not displaying correctly sometimes.

If I put my quilts on a layer called surfaces, sometimes when i call up an assembly, the surfaces all show up...even though the layer is hidden. I usually have to drag my insert here up one feature, then drag it back down to force it to regen and then the quilts are hidden.

It doesnt always happen, and its most annoying. It happens to all the users here once and a while.

Anyone else see this? It happened in m040 and we just updated to m070 and it still happens.  Please let me know if there is a fix for this.




I've been suffering with this issue as well. When you initially bring up the assembly, the layers behave as expected. What triggered the buggy display status was a regen in the assembly model.

I found the root cause as having a feature hidden in the model tree, as well as hidden by layer. In our case, we typically hide copy geom features. By default, those features are assigned to a layer and hidden.

The way I was able to solve it was to unhide the feature in the model tree, then save status, then save and check-in the item.Obviously, in a big assembly, with lots of models set up this way, you have to apply this fix to each of them.

I'm keen to see if this is indeed the root cause, or if there are other scenarios that cause this behavior. It's a very annoying bug.

Make sure ALL the layers these are on are hidden.  I can't really say, as I haven't used creo 3......yet.

Good luck!

Anybody has solution to this issue. We don't have maintenance package and stuck with Creo 3 M030.


This bug is really annoying.

Layers are a bit glitchy from .prt to .asm sometimes, it's just a thing.  As mentioned, don't use hide in the tree except as a temp measure.  Using rules-based layers helps somewhat I believe, if you have the rules written right.  Where things get a little wonky is when things are on multiple layers.  So, don't do that, make enough layers to do what you want.  I have a layer for all surfs, quilts, etc, but then I also will make a layer for layout surfs, and make sure to manually place those surfs/quits on that layer, and exclude them from my "surfs" layer.  If you have items scattered over multiple layers, it can cause major issues with dwg views.  Good luck.

As I mentioned on another layers related question - rules can be set to automatically remove items that are set to other layers. For example, if there is a layer "default_datums" the rule will be to add all those items that are "datums" and also exclude those items that are on the "set_datums" layer. The "set_datums" layer is set to add those items that are "shown datums". So, as soon as a plane is used as a datum, it is added to the "set_datums" layer and automatically removed from the "default_datums" layer.


This eliminates the chance that an item will be on both layers, causing confusion over which has the priority for controlling visibility.

In short, as Dave alluded to, use rules-based layers, not default layers.