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Ordinate Dimension Fix (auto jogs and re-jog)

Ordinate Dimension Fix (auto jogs and re-jog)


We design and manufacture molds and die assemblies with lots of holes. We use an ordinate scheme to dimension these holes. unfortunately we have holes close to other holes and the leaders don't automatically adjust when they are close so we have to add jogs manually. If we change the hole location the leader needs to be adjusted again. Solidworks does it and our seats of Cadkey from 1992 does it.  This would save us gobs of time per year.   I have been told that the closest work around is to use the auto ordinate tool.  This is a good start but unfortunately it details every possible point on the surface and when you add a hole or move features the ordinate cannot be re-jogged or cleaned up.

Solid Works solves this by allowing the user to select the ordinate and then select a RE-JOG command.  Cadkey did it by allowing the user t insert a new ordinate dimension and the scheme would update. 

I would propose that when you put down an ordinate scheme you automatically get jogs, and when you modify the design or add an ordinate instance you could go into the CLEAN UP DIMENSIONS command to get them to re-align themselves.


Ordinate with jogs using Auto Ordinate

Ordinate after a design change requires manual re-jogging to get it to place where you can read it.


This idea was spawned by this question thread:

Creo 4 needs this detailing change

This is a good idea and something that we can consider as a future enhancement.


I do not regularly use ordinate dimensions, but another department does all the time.  I like the idea of it being automatically jogged upon insertion, however in general I like it when Creo allows the automatic behavior to be controlled by a toggleable setting.  For some categories of parts I can imagine someone not wanting a jog, but might want it to extend beyond that alignment instead.  Hopefully people who use ordinate dims more will voice up on this aspect.


Well  have crawled through the sneak peak of Creo V4 and.......not fixed. 


Seems like there is no change in Creo 5.0 (sneak peek) either.


Keep on clicking, keep on clicking... 😞

Status changed to: Acknowledged

A jog automatically added to clustered dimensions placed with the Auto Ordinate Dimension tool would enhance readability in a drawing.


Any update on this ability? We would use this function everyday here if it were avail.


I don't see anything in Creo7 though. 




Hi @RaphaelCNascime , @creo ,

Has this been fixed yet? The issue was brought up back at Creo 3.

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Raphael is no longer with PTC.  I think @Mfridman covers this area now.


Hi @NK_9960997 

I think that you have raised a very good idea indeed. I have added this idea to my backlog and I hope that we could address this in one of the future releases.

I think that there are some additional important items that we should look at when considering improvements for ordinate dimensions and this one for dimension re-jog is definitely one that we need to consider for the clean up process


Best Regards,

Michael Fridman