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Cable Mass, Cutline Milling, MBD Dimension Precision: Tips from the Creo Masters

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We hope you've been following along with this series in which we present quick Creo tutorials directly from our experts: our product managers. This is the final set of how-to tutorials in the series. It's a perfect opportunity to learn something new.


Take a look below at about 15 minutes of video tips to help you boost your Creo proficiency.


Let's get started.


Add Cable Mass to Properties Listed in the BOM


When you're working with cable harnesses, you might need wire mass included in properties listed in the Bill of Materials (BOM).


In this tutorial, see how to report mass properties for each wire in a BOM.


Watch the tutorial:



Toolpath Controls for Cutline Milling


Creo automates many cutline milling processes, making it easy to define the point of contact between the cutting tool and the surface being machined, thus resulting in a smooth toolpath.


In this tutorial, see how to: 


  • Create a helical toolpath using auto-cutline functionality.
  • Define a 5-axis toolpath while controlling the tool axis using the at a location option.


Watch how it works:



More Control Over Dimension Precision in MBD


You can make the value of a driving or driven dimension appear rounded to a defined number of decimal places, without impacting the actual value of the dimension.


In this tutorial, see how to prevent inadvertent modification of driving dimension values when you change the dimension precision (number of decimal places).


Here’s how:



For all the tips in this series, visit the Tips from the Creo Masters main page.



Re: Dimension Precision

It might have been more evident what the effect of the different settings was if the dimensions in the model were both changed back to the number of decimal places they started with. This would have shown that the upper dimension is now 6.400000, while the bottom one retains its original value of 6.351250.

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