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Copy Geometry, Simplify Meshes, Manipulate Rounds: Tips from the Creo Masters

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As promised, here is Post 1 in the new series of Creo tips from our expert product managers.


Each post includes about 15 minutes of video how-tos aimed at skilling up your CAD proficiency—whether you’ve just started using Creo or consider yourself an old pro.


So much for the ado. Let’s jump in!


1. Getting Granular: Copy Geometry from Multiple Components

You can pass any type of geometric reference information and user-defined parameters to and from parts, skeleton models, and assemblies using the Copy Geometry feature. Normally, you can only copy geometry (like curves, surfaces, or datum planes) from a single source component.


However, in this tutorial, Creo Product Manager, Arnaud van de Veerdonk shows you how to manually copy geometry from multiple assembly components using a single shrink wrap feature.


Watch how to do it:



2. Simplify Your Mesh by Removing Small Features … Quickly and Easily


Simplifying a model by removing small geometric features, holes, and areas that increase the complexity of the mesh can speed up analysis and simulation processes. But you might find it time-consuming to remove these features manually.


In the tutorial below, Martin Neumueller, Director of Product Management, shows how to quickly defeature a model in preparation for simulation with flexible modeling and geometry search capabilities provided in Creo Simulate and Creo Parametric.



3. Manipulate Rounds Like a Boss: 3 Tricks


You've maybe noticed that Creo creates default, context-sensitive transitions when you add rounds to a model. These are just the default and, like most other elements, they can be changed to fit your needs.


In this short tutorial Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management, shows you 3 tricks for creating advanced round geometry inside Creo. You'll learn how to: 

  1. Add a round to 3 intersecting edges. Understand the power of round pieces
  2. Apply different round values to a tangent chain of edges.
  3. Extend a round along a tangent chain of edges, controlling the end transition geometry.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how: 



For more tips from our experts, watch the Tips from the Creo Masters main page.



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