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External References, Standard Profile Configurations, Annotation Elements: Tips from the Creo Master

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Here's the next set of tutorials in the series of Creo tips from our expert product managers.


Below you’ll find about 15 minutes of video how-tos to help you improve your CAD proficiency—whether you just started using Creo or you've been using it for years.


Ready to get started?


Make External References Independent of Their Source, by Default


Feature dependencies can be either local or external references.

  • Local references relate to geometry in the model in which they were created.
  • External references (or external dependencies) occur when you reference geometry (parts, subassemblies) outside the model in which they were created.


By default, external references depend on the model containing the geometry being referenced. The external feature depends on to the assembly where it was created, and every time you regenerate the parts or the assembly involved in the external reference, Creo Parametric looks for this feature’s references in the source part of the external reference.


In the tutorial below, Arnaud van de Veerdonk, Creo Product Manager, shows you how to configure Creo Parametric so external feature references are created without a dependency on the source model.


Watch the tutorial:


Create Standard Profile Configurations in Creo AFX


Those working with Creo Advanced Framework Extension (AFX) can quickly assemble, modify, and move profiles, creating joints between profiles, as well as creating, modifying, and copying connector or equipment elements.


In this tutorial, our Creo Product Manager, shows you how to quickly place standard profile configurations into an assembly using Creo AFX.


Here's the tutorial:


Handling Annotation Elements in MBD: 2 Tips


In model-based definition (MBD), getting annotations traditionally requires careful attention. You'd rather spend that time designing. That's why you need any tricks you can find that'll improve your efficiency when you're working with annotations.


In this tutorial, Creo Product Manager, Michael Fridman, shows two tips for working more efficiently with annotation elements in annotation features.


Watch the tips:



For more tips from our experts, watch the Tips from the Creo Masters main page.




I don't see tutorial video links.  Still on the way?

They should be there now. Do you see them @Bari ?


Yes and thanks...

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